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Author : Thomas | Feb 11, 2018

There are many negative issues we come to realize when reviewing the medical assistance program of the Veterans Health Administration. This program is  operating from medical centers spread throughout the country. Veterans that are eligible are to receive the needed hospital and outpatient services to help improve the quality of their lives. Any and all services that will help restore their health. The health care concern stems from the quality and efficiency of the care it is providing to its patience. There are scandalous accusations from an informant.

Investigations of the VA started in 2014. The outcome was reported as being worse than previously made known to us. It is sad that our veterans risked their lives for you and me and then came home to the safety they fought so hard for only to suffer and die because of lack of needed medical services. The “waiting list” for people to receive services never ended.

Some people were receiving medical favors by being treated before their due time. What is going on here? Why is something so desperately needed and rightfully theirs made so complicated?

In recent studies there are reports that over 300,000 have died and that’s before their applications were even processed. Now imagine how many more suffered and or die just because of the lack of medical services; due to a “waiting list”. Besides the efficiency; there was also the issue of the cost effectiveness as well as the quality of the services received.



When you think about the sacrifices that our Veterans have made? 

How can we the people let  this happen. When you think about who they are; how can we not feel ashamed and guilty? This is a disgrace for our great country. We must take proper care of our veterans because without them we have no safety or country at all.

We must reform our VA health care system; before we lose any more lives unnecessarily. Sad to say but we the American people are responsible and we have become possibly their worst enemy. What’s being done about this? Here’s some good news. President Donald Trump has signed into legislation a bill giving more power to Department of Veterans Affairs.

They now have the power to fire poor quality employees and protect those who uncover any wrong doing at the VA. Now, as there should have been; there will be accountability. That’s what  will make all the positive difference we need. This accountability will provide for the necessary health and safety of our awesome veterans.

Also with the reform come new medical directors so desperately needed. Now hopefully the waiting will be over and our veterans will receive the proper medical services so desperately needed and so deeply deserved.

Hope this information was helpful. Tell us what you think; share your thoughts with us.

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