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Author : Thomas | Feb 7, 2018


There are many concerns when thinking about dating a single parent. What are you willing to give up and replace from whatever comfort zone you might be in; right now?

There are the issues of a "Mamma” full of drama some people may call it. Think about this. When would be the right time to start dating? The stages before, during and after a divorce are crucial to help make that decision; don’t you think? Talk about a soap opera series of “Drama”. Things just appear to get worse, right?

How long has it been since the divorce or worse are divorce proceedings going on currently? Even worse could be the jealously on the part of the spouse who doesn’t respect totally d

islike the fact you are getting to respectfully close to his or her children. In other words trying to re-create an additional part of the family is just not going to work out during the certain stages of the divorce. The timing is just not right and it is not going anywhere for now at least.

You do become an extension of that preexisting family and you all would be much better off if that could develop into something positive and worthwhile.

Also what if there are childcare issues and therefore going out becomes or is almost impossible? What can I do with the children

What if “you” enjoy going out like perhaps to a movie or to diner; right? Could you accept for a period of time just staying home and watching tv“with everyone on the couch together”. Actually, I would really like that myself!!! That’s just me.

Hears the tip…..When you truly fall in love then all the above is just a “piece of cake”. Yes I exaggerated that

 statement to make a point. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that to make light of the real concerns. I am saying that to bring “light” to life itself. It is all normal and a part of life’s journey. In other words…Where’s the LOVE? To me LOVE is the answer and how much love you have determines the success story you are about to tell; especially….you can tell the “CHILDREN”.

The children are merely a wonderful extension of the love you have for each other. Why wouldn’t you want to expand love? If you can’t see or have a problem with that then you should not consider dating a single parent. What better feeling could there be then to expand the precious love you have for each other.



I wanted to keep this problem of dating single parents very simple. Think…Are you saying if your wife has children you don’t love her anymore or less because you don’t want the “DRAMA”. 

When you truly love someone then problems are not considered a “Sacrifice” in the making but rather more of a mature unselfish love with “Understanding”.  When opportunity for love knocks on your door….don’t be a fool….you take it. You should hopefully feel honored and blessed to not have to live isolated …..“ALONE.”

Hopefully we helped by presenting some food for thought. Please feel free to comment and gives us your opinion to help us all benefit…come share the love…...Thanks….






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Some good words Tommy. I just want to say that if a person is in touch with True Love then it does not matter whether the kids are their own or someone else's. True Love is not blind per se, but instead can see the beauty and aliveness within everything. Embracing anothers child is a good opporutnity to deepen your connection to True Love, which I believe is our connection to the power that is the source of all life and binds together every atom in this universe....


Hi David....Thanks for your input and I believe you are very clear and your words say it all. What could be better then an extention of the Love we have for that someone special....