Early Stages of Parkinsin's Disease


Author : Thomas | Feb 6, 2018


Parkinson’s: What is it?  It is basically a disease of the central part of our brain. It is a neurological disorder affecting our ability for movement and balance including speech. Obviously it majorly effects of simplest of our daily tasks. People who suffer from Parkinson’s are lacking a chemical called Dopamine; which in turn causes the symptoms of the disease. From what I can gather the real cause of the disease is simply unknown. Generally speaking scientists believes that it is a combination of genetics and environment. They just don’t know.


Stastics: In the US there are about one million people affected with Parkinson’s and about 10 million people worldwide. Other interesting stats are that it mostly affects older people from about age 60 and mostly men.  Diagnosis can also be found in younger ages. Almost twice the number of men has Parkinson’s then women. It has usually occurred from age 50 onward. Caucasians are affected more than African Americans and Asians.

Medical Costs: In the US a person could spend as much as $2,500.00 a year for medication and possibly $100,000.00 yearly for surgery.

Early Signs and Stages of Parkinson Disease:

The Main Symptoms of Parkinson’s:

  • Uncontrollable shacking and tremors usually from hands or fingers
  • Slow movement
  • Impaired speech
  • Poor posture and balance
  • Diminished automatic movement

Treatment: We know there are medications and also surgery to help us better deal with the disease. However, there are other things we can do also. A combination of strength training and various aerobic activities is most beneficial in helping the individual be less disabled. Exercise activities both strength as well as aerobic are important because they improve our mussels and thus help with our physical activities. Physical therapy definitely helps diminish the effects of Parkinson’s.

Exercising is beneficial for the  potential overall improvement of many of the problems concerning: movement, balance and speech; everything that life is about.

Thought researches may disagree on the number of stages; they do agree that they may overlap and also can get progressively worse quickly.

With all this said and done we see have this disease as well as others greatly prohibit our social and personal activities. We are not sure of the cause so we have difficulty finding a cure. With time and funding we will overcome this disease.

We hope this was helpful to all. If you have any thoughts to help others please lets us know by sharing…thanks..

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