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Author : Thomas | Feb 4, 2018

Apartments for rent near me… review…..There Are No Guarantees

We know we have assistance for rental costs from the various agencies both governments as well as charity programs. We do have the Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army. That’s all well and good but how do we go about finding affordable apartments/housing? That’s not so easy. Think about it. Where can we go for free information for obtaining an apartment/house? Searching for an apartment can be very stressing. Can really help us save stress, time and money with how to find affordable housing? Supposedly, it is one of the largest online services nationwide for finding an apartment, townhomes or housing accommodations.  

Accordingly, the lists for available residencies are updated regularly within over 2500 cities nationwide. Here is the good news. It is a FREE service. Where can you go to get something that is free and it is good; nowhere. Now here is the best part. 

There is a list of apartments that specifically accept the vouchers for Section 8 Housing. Yes that’s right a convenient list of exactly what you are looking for. Could it get any easier? Of course with the section 8 program there is a percentage of the rental cost that will be paid for you. The costs benefits vary according to the size of the family as well as the size of the rental unit.

It’s simple, easy and free to work with Think about it. From the comfort of your home a quality professional from a recognizable and respected company is doing all the work for you. How about this? There is a special search for your best friend; yes a pet friendly search. Now you don’t have to leave home without him. How good is that to take the worry and concern off your plate? That is a hugh relief. They themselves have their company representatives investigate the premises for quality and affordability. Who can ask for anything more?

Pick your city, town or neighborhood, number of rooms desired and get an inside view of the premises before you even leave your home. For contact there will be a phone number for you to talk to the property manager as well as an address to visit the office.

This is one man’s opinion. Once we make sure we have the correct and verifiable contact person and everything is legit; there should be no problem. Just make sure you know who you are talking too. Make sure you don’t send any money in the mail unless you are positive who you are working with from a direct source; an agent or landlord.

What the service of  is supposed to do is SAVE us a lot of unnecessary waste of TIME, ENERGY, FRUSTRATION, and MONEY. It is as simple as 1-2-3-baby steps. Go on line to Register as a member, fill in the form showing them what and where you are searching for rooms, and let your search begin immediately. Remember it is FREE and EASY as could be.  All the work is left to them as you watch right from the convenience from your home. Also when possible there will be contact numbers to talk to residences of the complex you may be interested in. This additional service provides you to communicate with real people.

 In conclusion, I will tell you this.There is no guarantee you will continue to be happy where ever you move too and regardless of your written agreement.. What I can then suggest is to attempt to compromise with your landlord. Ask him or her if you can then find a replacement tenant to take over the term of the lease so it is a win win for both parties. Nobody loses with a compromise.

For it is very important to add one final note. I had an awful time trying to communicate with certain parties from especially their legal department. That is not just a feeling it is my experience with the company.  It was over a month and a half before the legal department answered our concerns; re affiliate program. The answer was they are trying to update their web site because they have been aware of the problem.Note othe services don't seem to be any other major problems. Lets us know of any experiences you may have with

I hope you enjoyed the review. If you have any questions or want to leave your own personal review; you can leave your comments below. Thanks…..

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