Orphans....Most Important Needs


Author : Monita Grace | Sep 29, 2017

Orphans are struggling with very basic needs; food, shelter and clothing. They also need help with additional  education and or special job training.

That's the common goal of Tommy's team. We must all come together and give them all the support they need for an improvement in the potential quality of their lives.

Our members can bring it all together by caring and sharing the benefits Our Heavenly Father has given us. 

We receive all the Joy and Happiness life has to offer just by sharing with others in need.  It is a Win..... Win for all of us..... not just the Receivers but the Givers also...

If you want a Blessing you have to Give a blessing.

What do you think about this? Let us know.....leave a comment for any way we can help. 

Wouldn't that be best for all of us.....coming together?

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