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Author : Thomas | Sep 27, 2017

Orphans….. Organizations Worldwide…..

Traditional Care: There are many organizations which help to transform and improve the quality of life for our orphans. Traditional care provides for the bare necessities of Food, Shelter and Clothing.

In some cases our institutions can provide additional benefits for a n education or special job training thus helping to avoid human trafficking.

Important Benefits:

We know the importance of theses organization for helping orphans who feel unloved, abandoned and unwanted. The common goal of all there institutions is to help our orphans  be better prepared to enter society. 

The idea is to help them not only physically and mentally but spiritually as well. Our orphans then hopefully will become more productive upon entering society. There are domestic and international organizations just too numerous to mention; but easily accessible.

Family Care Vs. Traditional Care: 

Traditional care would be understood to be a necessary and a fully appreciated stepping stone for the potential growth and personal development our orphans worldwide. After a period of time hopefully our orphans become totally independent and able to function on their own. The institutional care does its best to help lead to and create two essential ingredients…

·       A Permanent Solution

A Loving Family   

The family care provides the love that glues everything together. This love connection is what provides for all the peace and joy our orphans could possibly hope for in life. The family environment fills the void of feeling unwanted, abandoned and unloved. Their self-esteem is restored.

Tommy’s Team Brings it all Together: 

Our Team Members understand the necessity of traditional assistance. We also understand the emptiness our orphans feel while waiting and hoping for a family connection. Our members have all the  necessary talents and gifts to fill all any void an orphan may be experiencing; by simply sharing and caring. It is in the sharing of our God given gifts and talents that we satisfy each other’s needs.

What if we connected a lonely senior, an overburdened single parent, someone with a physical disability, or someone one from our military with our orphan. Think seriously about that thought and realize our mission for a better world for all of us. Wouldn’t that be a Win Win for everyone?



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