Seniors Without Partners


Author : Thomas | Sep 18, 2017

Seniors Alone…..Without Partners…..

Loneliness…..I Would Imagine….. Being alone would logically constitute a feeling of “Loneliness” for noninstitutionalized seniors. Mother Theresa said “Loneliness is the …greatest poverty in the world”.
 Without our loved one and or friends  and family to help us as we age life can be very difficult to continue living.

Over time our lives might become like that of the end of a funnel….very limited and somewhat isolated…..especially from people we love and knew. There are 11 million seniors age 65 and older who live alone and have no family to care for them. It is a fact senior health will diminish greatly over time with isolation.

NO Spouse.….No Children:

As time goes by we may lose a significant other. How difficult is it to get over the loss of a loved one? How long would it take: a year, 2 years or more? Perhaps we just learn to accept and deal with the significant change in their lives. We learn to accept what is. Sooner or later, every married couple will face the end of their relationship either through death or divorce. 

Our children become adults with their own busy families and possibly not even residing close by. This lack of social connection is what is responsible for stress, tension, anxiety, and low self-esteem; all resulting in eventually poor health.

Help is On the Way…..

With the connections of our members in the low self-esteem and loneliness can be greatly diminished. Our members can share, join and connect with each other; thus giving a sense of purpose in one’s life. WE help that senior feel needed and important once again.

Our members are made up of five major groups: Seniors, Single Parents, Orphans, Peoples with Disabilities and our Military. So, why can’t anyone member of our groups help the lonely senior with so many wonderful, helpful and loving activities. It is definitely that social fulfillment that keeps them alive and healthy and needed and wanted again. Perhaps that’s the best way to shave off some years of aging also.

Examples….. A senior, someone from the Military or a single parent could offer to help with any of the following; transportation, a telephone call, house cleaning, cooking a meal, paying a visit etc. Sometimes all our seniors want and need is somebody to …Talk to.

In return the senior could possibly provide whatever their God given gifts might be. Perhaps they might be a language teacher, doctor, lawyer, an account…offering their services in return. Everybody needs somebody …sometime in their life. We could and should come together for the better quality of life for us all.






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