Orphans and Vulnerable Children


Author : Thomas | Sep 17, 2017

Orphans….Meaning…… Family  Guide:

The Definition of an Orphan: A child whose parents are deceased, unknown or have permanently abandoned them.

I myself think of little children whose parents have died. A dwelling for our orphans is an orphanage. I would imagine that that institution is no match for a home with loving parents. The only hope one has is to be adopted by someone who truly loves them. Think about how our orphans might feel when they lack financial, mentoring and loving care from no one special in their life. How could you not care for someone who has been denied parental loving care and has not been adopted by that very special someone?

Orphan Network: Help With Tommy’s Team?

I recently found out (childrens aid society.org) that in the 1850’s in the US there were about 30,000 orphans who were homeless. They lived in slums and had little or no hope for their future. The Children’s Aid Society started the Orphan Train Movement. The children were sent by train to live and work on farms. They were placed to live on the farms for free. In exchange they would provide help with all the chores around the farms. It is believed that this after 50 years led to foster care in the US.

 In the US there are about 500,000 orphans. Worldwide there are 17.8 million orphans who have lost both parents and 15.3 million who have last one parent.

Why…..can’t we as members of Tommy’s Team 

 members who are Seniors, Orphans, Single Parents, Peoples with Disabilities, Veterans, and Widowers come together and make a match. This match will allow us to accept our orphans into our homes and in turn we can have them do  helpful chores for each other and our home together.  

For example: Many of our Seniors are lonely and many of our Single Parents are overwhelmed; so let’s make a Match with our orphans. To me, this is the best solution for the loneliness and other unsatisfied needs we all experience at some time in our lives. Also, how about the reward that one feels inside by helping one another. It is the most joyful experience one can imagine. It is a win for both sides who connect. The final arrangements and or terms can be worked out according to the needs of the individuals. Our orphans have the opportunity to escape a life of no hope and the other half has their opportunity to make life more enjoyable. The quality of each of their lives would be greatly increased. We, the people were naturally meant to share and carefor each other just like one big “Happy Family”.

Hope this was helpful...you know food for thought. What do you think? What is your opinion? How do we make things betteer for our orphans and for example for seniors? Share your thoughts..... what we could be doing better... 



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