Single Parent Family


Author : Thomas | Aug 14, 2017

Single Parents..… R….. U….. Overwhelmed?

Mother and Child…..Picture the frustrations and loneliness a single parent must experience while caring for his or her one or more children. Single moms have emotional challenges that can at times be overwhelming. Taking care of the quantity of needs of the children, the home and working full time can make one feel desperate, helpless and lonely. Unless you are in his or her shoes how one could possibly understand. The days and weeks are long and full of unending overwhelming chores. If you complain to others; you project yourself as a failure and experience of a deep penetrating feeling of low self-esteem. 

Is There A Solution?..... Of Course…. We as members of can come together and help our single moms and each other in most cases for “Free”. In Tommy’s Team, we have other members:   Single Parents, Seniors, Peoples with Disabilities, Orphans and our Veterans. Together they help each other by sharing with each other their individual unique God given gifts. All these different groups have many major things in common. They are lonely with little self-esteem and need money badly. By offering and sharing with each other they can fulfill the emptiness in their Hearts and satisfying their needs for food, shelter and clothing etc.

Go to the “WISHING WELL”…..Where Dreams Come True.....In the “WISHING WELL”  once you register to become a member you offer a product or service that is easy for you to do.  The member who accepts your service; will then offer a service or product of his own in return to you..  If that offering from the member is not what you need then you go to the “WISHING WELL” and pick out what you need. Then in return if you chose you can then receive and satisfy your wish for yourself or family. It is that easy.  There are also those members who would volunteer their services and in many cases are not looking to the: “WISHING WELL” for a return of some sort.  Remember when we join we can then connect and share what we have and satisfying all our needs. Tommy’s Team is a  “WIN, WIN” for everyone with a Dream……”Happy Dreams”…..

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