When we the people of God share our talents and gifts we will be rewarded: Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Economically.
This concept is a continuation of a wonderful, yet simple and unique idea; referring back to the beginning of time i.e. (BARTERING) People Helping People.

Members can share their talents and services with each other and we hope in most cases for free.

We believe that this concept will bring people together in many different ways. In some cases the parties involved may agree on some small fee for services offered which is completely up to the parties involved.

Remember when you ask for what you Need; Mention what you are Offering in return; or Mention what you are Offering and tell us what you Need. It's Fast and Easy!

You can see the list of primary categories of services included on that page. Feel free to provide your own detail or add a category not listed.

Our site is open to everyone because we all need a little help sometime and we can all gain from communicating with others and sharing our God given gifts and talents. Yes, this does include YOU:

A Senior Citizen, Single Parents and Parents with Children, Singles, Widowers, Orphans, and our Military

Men and Women and anyone else by accident that I might have mistakenly left out. As we all grow "together" by Bartering, Sharing and Caring for each other we will receive improved Health, Wealth, Happiness, Peace and Joy.

Another important feature of Tommy's Team is the opportunity to meet someone through our "Companionship/Dating Program"

We hope you find this site interesting and rewarding.
Please………..Join Now!! And Become A Member Of………… Tommy's Team!!

Happiness Is What You Make It. It's Here And NOW.